Feb. 15, Slot Quickie

Sunrise from the summit of Snoqualmie Mountain

Broke out early for an assault on Snoqualmie Mt.  Once again, destination The Slot.   Ski partner Seth, had to be done by 9:00, so we made a pre-dawn start at 5:00.    Headlights stayed on until almost 7:00.   Summited Snoq.  Mt., then dropped back down to the slot entrance.   Turns in the slot were good, but the apron had slid and was nasty.  Also, the ski out was still frozen up and provided no good turns.  All in all, good exercise, and nice to get to lay first tracks in the couloir for the day.   As we finished, about a dozen people were just getting started on the climb.  Finished right at nine, and took a couple minutes at the beacon practice area to make sure we still knew how to work our avy beacons.




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