March 24, Ancient Lakes

Went Mountain Biking with Francine at the Ancient Lakes area.   It is due North of the Columbia Gorge amphitheater.   Very cool trails and small lakes above the Columbia River.  We did a nice 20 mile loop.   This could be a classic spring ride.  Hit it early while there are no bugs and the soil is still firm.  Stole this shot of one of the lakes.  I brought my camera, but forgot the battery.  Bummer, lots of great scenery.

I snagged these images off MTBR.   For the ride we parked at the North end, then rode South above the river, we diverted up the first canyon to Ancient Lakes and back, continued S. skipping the Dusty Lake canyon.   We were worried about time and distance.   At the South end of the map you come out right below the Ampitheater.   Hung a hard left and climbed up to the top of the Mesa and headed back North.  Passed a couple small ponds.   Eventually hit the gravel road by some bigger lakes, passed signed trail to dusty lakes, then after much searching found the trail that drops back down into the ancient lakes canyon.   Nice ride, good variety.   Only the gravel road section was kinda lame.  Also we did hit the road fairly far South to avoid some hike a biking sections.

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