Feb 2, Red Mt. and N. Shoulder. Good day / Bad day

 Well looks like it is officially a body recovery, on the backside of Red Mt.  Unfortunately while touring with Greg, we discovered a backpack and skis on the summit of Red.  It quickly became apparent that the gear belonged to Monika, a friend that Greg had skied with a couple weeks ago.   It appeared, due to a cornice failure, that she had plummeted off the steep backside of Red the day prior.We got out our cellphones and started to verify that she was missing.  Francine at work, at the ski school, was able to contact her work and verfiy that, yes, she was missing.  She then began the long process of calling 911 and alerting our local network of S&R, ski patrol, and fire guys.  Greg  and I started to work our way out onto the South ridge of Red, trying to get a view into the backside.  Not getting a good view, we tried to work our way to the notch in the South ridge to gain access to the backside.  Unfortunately we were cliffed out above the notch, and forced to descend off the ridge.  Lacking any more energy and legs starting to fail we headed  home.    The rescue helicopter flew overhead as we started to make our way through Commonwealth Valley.  A tragic end to very well respected person.

Greg, with cell phone in hand, thinks about the situation.

The day had started out so perfectly.  It was a beautiful day.

John breaks trail to South shoulder of Red Mt.


Greg carves up the South shoulder of Red

Greg on top of Red Mt.

John takes turns off the summit.
  Had to hurry home to feed the cows.

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