June 15-19, Bend with Bob

Signed up for another Evergreen MTB assoc. ride organized by Bob Bournique.  Location was Bend, OR., with camping right in the middle of the "Phil's" trail system.   We had about twenty riders, and either I am getting slower, or the standard is getting much higher.  Everyone was in great shape, and Bob punished us for our fitness by laying out some excellent long rides, all starting from camp.

Bob rails around a corner on Mrazek trail

Ken cruising

Half the group

Last day - Gray Butte

Good views / Good descents

Post ride jump!
THURSDAY 6/16 - 28 miles:  KGB - GS - down lower Storm King - up Funner - down Tiddlywinks - Storm King - COD - 4610 road - GS - KGB.
FRIDAY 6/17 - 30.5 miles:  Marvin's Garden - Phils Trail to Helipad - down Storm King - up Deschutes River Trail to Benham Falls for lunch.  Back down Deschutes River Trail to Entrada Lodge - up COD - Marvin's Garden.
SATURDAY 6/18 - 32.5 miles:  Marvin's Garden - Ben's - Skyliner - up 4601 road - down Mrazek - 4606 road to Phil's - Marvin's Garden.
SUNDAY 6/19 - 15 miles:  Grey Butte loop with out an back to Burma Road, and down the trail to Skull Hollow.

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