March 16/17 Whistler

Annual Rick Mirakami boy's trip + Francine to Whistler.   Rick assembled the usual crew of suspects, Jerry, Greg Mej., Marcel, Kevin, Francine, and Rick.  Our first day at Blackcomb was a little firm, but we found good snow near the top, and Seventh Heaven had some soft snow.  The snow came down most of the day and the skiing was pretty nice near the end of the day.  Unfortunately navigation required staying within sight of the run markers as visibility closed in on us.  Sunday we woke up to a few more inches of new snow and immediately headed for the high alpine, knocking off the standards:  Blowhole to blackcomb glacier, extreme couloir, paco loco, etc.   Snow was very nice and fluffy.

Rick - Extreme Couloir

Greg and Marcel take the high entrance.


Marcel goes fall line - extreme couloir

Jerry does bumps




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