Oct 15, Chinook Pass

Kevin boots up from highway 410, Chinook Pass

Greg and I missed the powder dump about a week ago.   Greg still needed to get some October turns, and with no precipitation in sight, we thought we might as well enjoy the sunshine.   We considered hiking up to Green Valley at Crystal, but the idea of driving to 5,400' convinced us to try Chinook.  Snow was looking a little thin, but there was snow on the ground at the parking lot.  We hiked around to our usual spring, north facing slope, and were pleasantly surprised to see pretty good coverage.  Snow was firm, but softening in the sunshine.  We took four laps and called it a day.  We both agreed that we had never worked so little for October turns.  Pretty nice to step out of the car and have snow in October.

Greg skins up the slope

fall corn snow

Day 1 of the new season!


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