Nov. 10, Sage Hills, Wenatchee

Wenatchee Day 2.  Rain up near Mission Ridge Ski area meant we couldn't ride up by Marion/Clara Lakes and the top of the Mission Ridge/Devils Gulch loops, so we stayed low and made our way to the Sage Hills System.  Parked at the bottom by Sage Hills Road.  We were hoping to make the climb all the way to the Apricot Crisp Trail so we could descend the Lightning Trail back into the Sage Hills trail system, but we were turned around by extreme wind and rain.  Of course we didn't know that the system would blow over.  14.5 miles.  3,796 feet of total elevation.

Climbing "Lone Fir" trail

Climbing "Lone Fir" trail thru the Hoodoos

Ascending "Homestead Trail" before wind/rain turned us back.

Descending "Jackhammer" Trail, near the bottom

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