May 30, Windsurf Hood River

Just to prove some things never changed, I hopped on the sailboard again.  In a habit started when I was twenty, I managed to end up way downwind, and had to walk back to my launch site  The day started off pleasant enough with Day 2 at Flow Yoga, then a casual windsurfing start.  We rolled down to the Waterfront Park, in Hood River, and I rigged up.  Started the day day on a 5.2 meter sail.  I was fortunate to be on the river at the windiest point in the day.  Unfortunately, I decided to rig a smaller sail and head back out, just as the wind backed off.   Quite a bit of slogging and I just made it to shore at Kite Beach.  Thus the long walk back to my launch site, and Francine who was reading a book out of the wind.

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