Feb 24-28, Anthony Lakes, Oregon

Anthony Lakes ski area - "same as it ever was".    Throwback to the sixties, the chair is newer, but not much else has changed.  Hmmm, maybe better grooming and food.   A cow-town ski area that sits at 7,000 feet elevation, above the towns of La Grande and Baker City, Oregon.  The single triple chairlift elevates you to 8,000 feet.   Amazingly the varied terrain never seems to get old, and if it does, the backcountry is a stone throw away.  Nearby peaks, like Angel, Lee, and Gunsight can be easily climbed in little over an hour.   The area offers beautiful views with gnarled trees and solid granite.  The snow quality at this elevation hold up better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the bottom of my pack.  We hit this area last year with the Heckers and are starting to dial in the backcountry possibilities.

First day skied in-bounds with Francine, Val, Don, and Kevin

Day two, Don tops out on Angel Peak

Don carves some turns on Angel Peak

Beer-thirty, across from Angel Peak
Day Three, Fresh Snow, Don and Wendy skin through the snow



Day 4, Francine leaves the lift behind.   I think she would have been happy
 to ski the main ski hill all four days.  Note the surface snow as the winds blow hard.

Short lap and then headed for home.   Upper basin totally blown
out by high winds.

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