January 2, 2017. Mt. Hyak

Day Number 6.    That's counting my first trip to the Lake Keechelus national forest parking lot.   .85 mile round trip on very flat ground.  I have very low standards as to what counts as a day of skiing.  Skis connected to feet and touch snow, count it!  

I started at the house, skinned up the road past the first sewer pond then headed up the East slopes of Hyak.   Lot's of tree blown down from the 2015 fall windstorm.   Generally worked left avoiding getting sucked up to high.  Eventually came to the edge of the powerline cut on the South slopes of Hyak.   This pic is on a powerline access road that connects into the main Hyak Hidden Valley ski runs.   This saddles out below the top of Hyak.   So I didn't actually make it to the top of Hyak.   Well, I did catch the chairlift up to the top.

I spotted this slope yesterday.   I skied it today from treeline on the left..  Very nice.  
Ankle really feels pretty good.  The touring has really helped get rid of the last bit of swelling and has gotten my muscles firing.   Aside from the one pitch here, I skied an easy groomer back to the base of Hyak.

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tomd said...

Am so amazed at your p.t. ski progress Kevin. You're as tough as they come.