Feb 13, Grand Ridge - Both sides of i-90 and new Water Tower Loop

I have been getting some grief about lack of content on the blog here.   Well, mainly from my Dad.   While I do something active at least 3 days a week, I usually save the blog for really cool stuff and actual ski touring.   With all the good snow, I have mainly been skiing the chairlifts at Alpental and Hyak.   I did make it down to Issaquah for a bike ride on one of the warm, sunny days.   We are trying to keep our butts in some sort of bike shape.   Parked down on Sunset and rode the South side of I-90 past the high school and up the bus trail.   Crossed at High Point and rode the trail upward.   Did a loop on the freshly opened Water Tower, then turned around and bombed back to the car.   Great ride with Scott and Francine.   Thanks to the WTA for the great new trail!

Francine on the new Water Tower Trail at Grand Ridge

Scott and Francine

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