Monday, March 13 - Copper Mountain

Big group, first day at Copper Mountain

We are in Silverthorne, Colorado for the week to ski, thanks to Rick Murakami.  His family friend has a nice 3 bed/3bath house in Silverthorne that he lets Rick use, and we were lucky enough to get invited.  We arrived in Denver yesterday, and after a Costco run, made our way into the mountains.  We arrived at the house and Rick's brother, Chris made dinner.  He, Jerry (brother) and 2 friends were finishing up their trip, so we had a fun first night.

Today we ski Copper Mountain.  Thanks to the Shell 2-for-1, we get to ski for half off.  Copper conditions remained quite firm throughout the day, as the sun that was supposed to burn off around noon, never burned off until late afternoon.  Did we say Spring break?  Most of Texas comes to Colorado for their spring break, and midweek was quite busier that we expected, but the lines were manageable.  We ended up losing the group, and Francine and I found the best snow up on the Sierra Chair.  The rest of the group seeks out the bumps, and were quite happy down low, where the conditions were slowly softening.

Basecamp in Silverthorne, Co.

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