April 23,Klamath Falls, Or. - Moore Park

First ride from the Running Y Ranch.  Again, we can thank Pat and Larry for access to our 2 bedroom unit for the week at The Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Just a couple of miles south of where we were staying, you can tie into the Klamath Ridgeview trail.   We managed a 19 mile ride by the time we rode to the far side of Moore Park and back.    Lava rocks intterupted smooth dirt to add some technicality to the ride.  Some of the hill climbs got our attention.

Val on -TBag

Francine and Val on Southie

Francine on 5 Gallon

Val descending 5 Gallon

Don heading towards home (Running Y) on Klamath Ridgeview Trail

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