May 31, Day 1 in Hood River

We are back in Hood River for the month, renting the same house as the last two years.  After working non-stop on the left side of the duplex for the last two months, except for a 2 week jaunt to Redding CA, and Klamath Falls, OR, we are ready for a break.

The house is as impeccable as always, and Kent the owner is wonderful.  Scott Sumner will be here until Tuesday, 6th, with Greg Louie arrives on the 4th.  After unpacking and filling coolers with Margaritas, we headed down to the river.  We dropped Francine off at the Chiropractors office right down by the "Event Site", and Scott got ready for a paddle.  Kevin had the next  Chiro appt after Francine, and Scott headed out to Wells Island on his paddle board, went around it, and did a tiny downwinder to the park, where he would meet up with Kevin trying to fly his trainer kite.

Scott finishing tiny paddle from Event Site

After we met back up with Scott, Kevin wanted to try to fly his trainer Kite before his first kite lesson tomorrow, Thursday.  We tried a few flights, but there wasn't enough wind.  Packed it up and went to 64 oz. Taphouse and Growler Station in town for a drink.  Then back home to a dinner that, luckily we didn't have to prepare.  Diane had pre-made a few meals, and sent with Scott.  Tonite we ate the Thai Peanut Noodles and a added a salad.  Dinner was great.

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tomd said...

I like the m.r.e.'s from Diane. It's like she's there with you.