April 26, Flagstaff

Today is our last day, as we fly out tomorrow, Friday.   We were originally going to ride the Hogs Trails, which would have taken us by Chicken Point, but opted for Flagstaff where it would be 10 degrees cooler.  The Hog Trails, (High on the Hog, Hog Haven and Hog Wash) were probably too technical for Francine on this trip, especially since she has been riding in a drug induced fog, where she has pretty much been totally out of it on the rides.  Chuckwagon is another trail that we didn't make it too.  Unfortunately, the first mile of Chuckwagon or so is now overrun by hikers, making their way to the Devil's Bridge hiking trail.  There is a huge parking lot for the trail, and the overflow has tons of cars lining the road near that parking lot.  Kevin is also interested in Hangover Trail, but Francine has no interest.  He said that Highline is only rated Advanced, while Hangover is rated Expert, so that is clearly out of Francine's interest.

We had smooth sailing on the 40mph road up Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff until the final climb.  We pretty much repeated the ride we did last year.

Climbed Fort Vally to Lower Moto turning right onto the AZT (Schultz Creek) to a right turn on Secret trail to the short 1/4 mile to the upper parking lot.  Climbed the Forest Road 6353 to Little Knarly.  Little Knarly has been turned to a forest road, probably from the fires in Flagstaff last summer.  Descended Lower Brookbank and started climbing Upper Brookbank to Sunset trail to climb to the top at 8800 feet.  Rode out to the viewpoint of the east valley that looks like a forest fire went thru recently.

The top half of Sunset was super smooth, bermed and riding great.  The lower half was still fun, but definitely had more pitch and you had to be on the brakes more.  We finished on Schultz Creek trail, which was fantastic.  It wasn't very steep, but just enough to barely need the brakes, and for a trail that can be shuttled, was still very narrow with super fun corners.  There were a few rocky sections thrown in to keep you on your toes.  We couldn't believe how fun and fast that trail was.  Great way to end our trip.

16 miles.

Short walk to the view point

Kev at viewpoint, overlooking big valley that looks like it was on fire last summer.

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Box Canyon Mark said...

You were smart to beat the heat...Flag has it's own awesomeness...just ain't RED :)
Just found your site. Keep up the great posts...
Box Canyon Mark