June 2, Raging Again

On the log, Scott, Mike, Holly, Ken.
 Lot's of bikers out enjoying the new trail system

Heather Manion had been excited to escape the city.  With limited time, 3 kids under 5, it wasn't that easy to get out for a ride.   After riding Raging River last week, we knew we had to go back.  The smooth freshly built trails will not be smooth for long with the high traffic from the still booming popularity of mountain biking.   We got together a fun group, Heather and Mike, Holly D, Scott, Ken, Francine, and I.   Trails were still in great shape.  We decided to skip the full loop and stopped 7 miles out at the clearcut.   It's a good turn around point with a sunny spot to view Mt. Rainier.   In retrospect we probably could have done the full loop to get the full burn, but personally I was happy to enjoy the downhill with some energy in my legs.   Really nice to get out with a good group of friends.

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