April 5, REPEAT - Mt. Snoq. circumnavigation

We met at 8:00 am. Everyone arrived at Sahalie at the same time. Greg, me, and two new people Ellie and husband Chris. I actually work with Chris, although on different shifts. When he mentioned wanting to tour Red Mt., I offered to hook up with them. With all the fresh snow from last week, avalanching down the hills, it looked like it might be an effort to find smooth snow. Hoping to ski off the East summit of Snoqualmie, we got an early start. Unfortunately, with warm temps overnight, the snow was quickly turning to mush. Back-up plan kicked in, and we followed the tracks I made last week, and headed down the crooked couloir. Snow was variable, but we found some good turns. Finished with a ski in the trees back to Alpental.

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