May 24/25 Spokane 24 hour Mt. Bike Race

The trails in Spokane were in perfect condition for the Round and Round 24 hour mountain bike race. The course was a 14 mile mix of dirt roads and single track, with the big chainring, the gear of choice. Dirt was smooth and fast from all the wet weather, with a dose of twisty rocky trail thrown in. We were entered in the military/police/fire category and once again had little competition. Our only competitors were Olympia Fire. Unfortunately Seattle Police did not take us on this year. We were ready for the rain this year with lots of tarps and raingear. Luckily it only sprinkled briefly and stayed fairly warm throughout. We managed 23 laps, with Don coming in just before the noon bell, to force Josh out for a last victory lap. Pictures above are: the start, Steve W swiping his timing chip at the transition tent, hanging out at camp, and Don after his fourth lap - notice he managed to sleep through the whole lap!

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