March 7, Mt. Catherine

Greg came over to the house and we geared up for a tour to Mt. Catherine. The weather was snowing hard as we left the cross country trail system and began our slog up the flanks of Catherine. We had hoped that our late 11 o'clock start would have given other skiers plenty of time to lay in a a skin track. Unfortunately Catherine did not appear to be very popular today and Greg started busting trail through the last foot of fresh snow. We were both recovering from colds and hacked and snorted, as we worked our way up. Operating on past experience and intuition we managed to come out of the woods near where we needed to cut up through the cliffs. We quickly gained the ridge of Catherine and veered away from the tracks of yesterday's skiers and lined up for a slot that would drop us straight back down to the cross country trail system. Neither of us were feeling too hot at this point, but our attitudes quickly adjusted as we dropped into fresh, creamy, untracked pow! After we cleared the face shots off our goggles, the smiles were definitely out.

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