May 11, Another Rental House

We bought another rental house in North Bend.  3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2 car garage for $148,100 at the far end of Riverbend on a driveway that only 3 houses use for access.  We are the second house.  Thus, we have no cars driving by.  Behind us is the John Wayne rail trail.  And behind that are the houses on the river.  We joke that this is the most expensive house we have purchased.  We learned a lot in buying a foreclosure house from the bank.
We are probably losing our fitness, because we are working on the house everyday.  The house was updated for the 2008 sale of $324,000.  We will put two coats of paint on the outside.  All the bedrooms need painting.  Both bathrooms need painting.  At least the 3 windows on the front will be replaced.  Good news is that the kitchen has been updated with white Ikea cabinets and solid granite countertops.  This foreclosure even had two appliances, the stove and dishwasher.  We just have to buy a fridge and microwave.

We think we will move into it for at least June thru August and see what it is like to live off the mountain. 

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