June 1, bike Rat Pac in Cle Elum

We needed a break from working on the rental house in North Bend.  Weather called for rain on the west side.  Emailed Tom Davies late on Thursday to say we were riding Rat Pac in Cle Elum on Friday morning .  He responded yes.  He even quickly got ready that night and drove to Alpental and spent the night at his condo.
We convinced Tom to climb into our car for the drive to Cle Elum.  After we parked at the Cle Elum high school, we discovered that we had no bike shoes for Me and no helmet for Kevin.  So, I drove Tom and Kevin to the highpoint of the Rosyln neighborhood, so they could start as high as possible.  I was to meet them at Pioneer Coffee in Cle Elum when they finished.

I rode the paved Suncadia trails instead, since I was wearing Chaco's for shoes.  I stopped by the Suncadia resort for the paved trail map to ride all the paved trails.  They claimed to have 10 miles of trails.  I rode them all, including some double-backing and road, and rode about 11 miles.  I don't think they have 10 miles of trails.

Trails at Rat Pac were about as good as they get, according to Kevin.  Short ride, since they didn't have to ride back to the car in Roslyn.

Photo by Tom Davies - Kevin overlooks the Teeanaway

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