June 22, 2012 - The day we got soaked

Janetha on Sector 16

Bob, our fearless leader
Francine coming into the Swampy cabin
Bob with a couple of followers

The day started off perfect.  Cloudy and in the low 60's.  Rode from camp on Marvin's Gardens to the Phil's trailhead.  Climbed Kent's to the red gravel 4610 road.  Turned right on the road and left on the climb to the top of Whoops.  Climbed Upper Whoops to Sector 16.  Hit some sprinkles on our way to the first cabin, Swede cabin.  Rested in the Swede cabin as it was sprinkling.  Then we put on our jackets and headed out to the Swampy cabin, as the sprinkles came down a little harder.
Got to the Swampy cabin (16 miles) just as it started to rain.  We thought the rain was letting up and headed down South Fork trail.  It only started raining harder.  It continued to rain as we hit Tumalo Falls Trail.  Thankfully the rain let up as we climbed on Skyliners Trail and made our way back to the Whoops and Upper Whoops intersection.   The pouring rain came back for our entire downhill back to camp.  Whoops, VD, Phils to a bail out on some road.  The trails had turned into miniture rivers.  We were soaked.  At about a mile from camp, Francine was so cold she couldn't ride her bike anymore.  She walked while Kevin walked with both bikes.  33 miles.  Too bad the 16 mile downhill was so cold and wet. 

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