June 30, 2012 - Painted rental house

OK.  We know that first picture of the new rental house in Riverbend, in North Bend was pretty scary.  Hopefully this picture looks a little better.  We finally put a coat of paint on the front door.  Wish the new roof was on, but the roofer is real busy (June was extremely rainy), so we will get a new roof in August.   Also need to get a backhoe in to lower the soil level on the right side of the house (out of picture) and then paint another coat of grey on that side.  Still need to work on the house on July 2 & 3rd, before we head out for the month of July to Sun Valley, Crested Butte, Durango and the Colorado Trail.

We had the "perfect storm" with regard to our rentals.  We were originally going to work on the Riverbend house in June and August, two months, as July took us out of town.  Then we had renters for end of July, which meant the house had to be ready before we left town.  Then the renters in the Shoreline rental gave notice for June 30th.  So, we had two houses to show, prepare and have ready before July.  We are ready for vacation.

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