July 5, Sun Valley - EZ ride

Franicne on Eve's Trail, right before the first turnoff to Forbidden Fruit
Francine on Harper's Trail

Pat and Larry arrived in Sun Valley a few days before the 50th Anniversary extravaganza.  We joined them as we finally finished work on the rental houses.  Stone house is Rented and keys given to the new renters.  Dropped the keys for the Riverbend rental off at the renter's son's house on Tuesday.

We don't do the best at altitude, 6,000 feet, so we went for a short ride today, leaving from the condo at River Run, headed for Adam's Gulch.  Still no bike computer battery, so I have no idea how far we rode.  10-12 miles?

Rode a connector trail from Warm Springs to Adam's Gulch area, to Shadyside, up Eve's to Forbidden Fruit, out Adam's Gulch Loop trail, right on Citizen's trail, down to finish up on the  Adam's gulch road out to town and back to the condo.

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