July 15, Telluride

Francine crosses a talas field on the Prospect trail, Telluride, Co.

Saturday was another drive day, to Montrose, Colorado.  We drove from Provo, Utah, thru serious monsoon rains and wind.  It was weird to see the desert all wet with rain runnels everywhere.

Sunday, we drove 1.5 hours to Telluride.  We arrived to a rainy, wet town.  Luckily, we were able to check-in to our hotel early.  Rode the free town gondola down for lunch.  Finally headed out on the bikes around 2pm.  Rode the gondola and headed out on the Prospect trail.  The rain was heading in again, so after 1/2 a mile, we turned around and opted for a shorter trail, Village trail.  When we got back to the bottom, the skies cleared again, so we rode the gondola up again, and started out on the Prospect trail again.  We climbed for 6 miles.  We were really feeling the lack of oxygen at over 10,000 feet.  Luckily, the trail was designed with climbs followed by flat sections, followed by more climbs with flat sections.  The first couple of miles, the wet trail in the trees reminded us of our wet Washington trails in March.  I'll take the wet trails over the dry moon dust they had before the monsoon rains started about 1 week ago.

Francine - looks like a winter Washington ride

Francine on Prospect Trail

At the end of the Prospect tail, we took a service road to the bottom of the Sunshine Express lift to Jurassic Park trail.  This climbed out of the hole we were in.  Took Boomerang Trail to the valley floor and rode the River Trail to town.  Boomerang Trail was a total waste of elevation.  It was just a steep, rough, rocky jeep road.

Once we arrived in town, we were told that the naked bike parade was going to come thru any minute.  The main street was packed with people waiting for the scene.  We waited around for a while, but we were hungry for dinner.  As soon as we got on the Gondola, we heard the cheering, and could see the naked riders rolling thru town.

Downtown Telluride - waiting for the naked biker parade

Our last descent from the top, down to the hotel was only double black expert trail, so Francine rode the gondola down, while Kevin hit the trail.  20 miles, mostly flat or downhill.

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