July 19, Lupine to Lower Loop, Crested Butte

Town of Crested Butte

Today we check out and leave for Durango, where we will meet Don and Val for 4 days, before starting our Colorado Trail trip.

Took the free town bus up to the ski area.  Rode downhill on the paved bike path for about 1.5 miles.  Headed up the Saddle Ridge development to the start of the Lupine Trail.  Climbed thru gorgeous aspens and open meadows on another narrow, smooth, trail.  The trail dropped out on Slake Creek road.  Went about a mile to cross the river and hit Gunbarrel Loop.  This climbed right along the river, up to the Oh-Be-Joyful Creek overlook.  We then hooked back in with Upper-Lower loop.  Climbed on the Budd Trail.  Finished by riding into town on Lower loop, straight to the street the Hostel is located.

Kevin on Upper Loop

Ellie's Mom has a home above this small lake.

Francine on Lower Loop

Budd Trail

Since our shower in our Private room/Private bath did not work during our 3 days at the Hostel, we asked to be able to take a shower after the 10am checkout, as we wanted to get a ride in that morning.  Kate was more than happy to give us cards to access the showers.  We were able to shower after our ride for the drive to Durango.  Yeah.  12 miles.

Drove 6 hours to Durango. 

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