July 16, Crested Butte

Woke up Monday morning to a beautiful day, feeling a little tired.  Decided not to ride today.  Went out to breakfast at another bakery that bakes all their own bread.  Then, we headed out on our leisurely 4 hour drive from Telluride to Crested Butte.

We arrived in town to nice, partly sunny weather.  We were able to check into the hostel, and shortly the monsoon rain, thunder and lightning started.  The thunder was literally on top of the lightning, meaning the storm was overhead.  We did not bring water proof pants for our 4 days on the Colorado Trail. We do have waterproof coats.  Hmm.  If we get weather like we've seen in the past few days, we will be toast.

Walked into town about 5pm.  No riding today.  We are meeting Ellie Booher, Firefighter Chris Booher's wife, tomorrow morning for a ride.  She spends the month of July in Crested Butte with her Mom and 2 boys.

Francine in town after the torrential downpour, thunder & lightning  passed

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