July 26, Colorado Trail - Kennebec Pass to Durango

Day 4 - Final day.  Don and Val, the early risers, left about 30 minutes before us, and we didn't see them all day.  No rain last night, so we packed up dry tents this morning.  Rode down the rough, Champion Venture Mine Road to the Colorado Trail and turned right.  For the next 3 or 4 miles, the trail conditions were a little rougher as this is a popular part of the trail to shuttle from town.  After 5 miles of descending, we crossed Junction Creek started our 1,500 foot climb of the day, back up to 9,550 feet.  Descended to pass the Dry Fork Trail and Hoffeins Connect trail to Gudy's Rest viewpoint.  After this we had a sweet descent to the Junction Creek Road and end of the Colorado Trail.  20.3 miles on trail today.  We then rolled into town for about 3-4 miles on pavement.  Went to the condo building we stayed at for the 4 nights in Durango, for showers, and hit the road for 3.5 hours to spend the night in Moab with Don and Val.

Descending thru lush vegetaion

Dropping more elevation before the last climb

Colorado Trail - So Sweet.

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