July 6, Baker Creek to Fox Peak to Adam's Gulch

Hard.  We signed up to the Baker to Adam's Gulch shuttle.  The Ride Sun Valley bike festival is in town, and they offered free guided rides all week, with free shuttles to the ride areas.  They were hooked up with the city with use of a city bus to transport us.

We still had to climb 2100 feet after the bus dropped all 22 of us off.   Shuttle was free; guides were free; and beer at the end was free.  Kevin & I ended up basically having a private guide, Wendy, because Francine was the slowest in the entire group.  Thank goodness Wendy raced the day before, and had tired legs.

We climbed about 12 miles on the Baker Creek and East Fork Baker Creek roads to the intersection with the Fox Peak Tail Connector, #938.  Trail 938 still climbed until we reached the Warm Springs Ridge trail, #142.  Here we went left on upper Adam's Gulch trail5 miles.

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