July 23, Colorado Trail Day 1 - Molas Pass to Cascade Divide Rd.

Val Hecker on the Colorado Trail

The first day of our four day Colorado Trail journey.  Supported by Hermosa Tour's driver, Alex, we would be riding from Molas Pass to Durango.  Approximately 11,000 feet of climbing and 80 miles(73 miles of blissful singletrack) by the time we hit downtown Durango.  Not to mention that we were above 10,000 feet of elevation, for the entire trail until the last day when we dropped down to Durango at 6,523.  Each day the incredible scenery powered up our legs as we struggled to breathe the thin air.  Highpoint today was Rolling Pass at 12,484 feet.  18.6  miles for the day.

Molas Pass 10,910' - the start of our Journey.
Don, Val, Francine, Kevin

Val and Francine climb higher through alpine meadows




We would be riding if we were not so High


Nice Singletrack!

Wildflowers in abundance

Francine and Val
Slightly lower, very green.

Campsite at the end of Day 1, Nice view!

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