June 20, Day 1 in Bend

Went down to Bend again with Bob for another bike club group campout.  We almost skipped the trip, as we still have lots to do on the rentals.  So, we decided to get a condo to simplify the trip.  We got a sweet rate at Mt Bachelor Village condos.

Instead of driving to the group campsite, we rode our bikes.  To our surprise, we found some fun singletrack right from the condo, on our way out to the Phil's Trail complex, to meet the huge group from Seattle, led by Bob Bournique.

We rode Marvins Gardens to Grand Slam to GS to Storm King, up Funner to Kiwa Butte trail.  Here we got lost looking for the Tyler's Traverse Trail.  Even though the Forest Service printed a huge, permanent map/trail sign (8 ft x 10 ft) showing Tyler's Traverse, it is not complete.  Rode some roads and found Steve Larsen trail.  Took that to Funner where we retraced our route back to camp. 
Francine had a dead battery in her bike computer, but Wendy's computer said 36 miles when they got back to camp.  So, adding our 3-4 mile ride from the condo, we rode over 40 miles today.

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