Jan. 2, Kendall - again

Was hoping to do something different, but it's hard to beat Kendall for access and variety.  Greg Louie was off from work and brought his coworker Stuart.  Don H. joined the party and we followed a well established skin track up into the Kendall Peaks basin.  This area has been pretty hammered.  With a bunch of trip reports posted about people skiing the area, the lemmings have been following.  Oh well, even with if the area was not as tracked, good snow existed in only a narrow window.  The sun up high was making the snow crusty, not too mention the steady east wind.  We made one lap up high on the ridge and enjoyed the views above the cloud bank.  Then we dropped into the fog, where the snow was holding up much nicer.   Lapped some North facing trees and found some fun stuff.

Stuart and Don make the ridge.

Greg levitates

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