Jan 27, Mt. Snoqualmie. and Red Mt.

 Hooked up with Seth and Eric Noll for a tour out the backdoor of the Adler condo at Alpental.  Went up the Phantom to the summit of Mt. Snoqualmie, then dropped briefly into the crooked couloir basin (totally windblown after first pitch).  Climbed out to the West summit of Snoq. and dropped down the Commonwealth Valley to the base of Red Mt.   Red had about 8-10 inches of powder over a firm base.  Skied very well.  Then we cruised down the commonwealth and out to the Alpental road.  Got lucky and caught a shuttle bus almost immediately that took us back up the road.   Visibility was pretty poor on Snoqualmie, but the turns on Red were sweeet.  Sorry no Red pics.

Dropping off Snoqualmie Mt. into
the Crooked Couloir drainage.

Seth naviagates through the sluff and fog

Switching over to boot up the rest of Red Mt.

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