May 27, Silver Peak Basin and Lake Annette

I rolled out of bed a little late this morning.  I stayed up a little too late with the last book in the Twilight series.  About the time my first cup of coffee was ready, I received a text from Silas; "Silver Peak now?  Windy Pass road is in good shape. Steps out of Annette were put in yesterday. Easy peasy."   Well, easy peasy always sounds good, and the trails were too wet for Mt. biking.  I gathered together my gear and started driving for the trailhead.  The road was well potholed, and I tried to not bounce off into the trees.   I hit snow, perhaps a quarter mile from windy pass.  I managed to catch the Silas gang at their highpoint, the ridgeline between Silver Peak basin and Lake Annette.   We enjoyed smooth turns to slightly below the lake, approx. 1,800 feet of vertical.  Great run!  Unfortunately not very "easy peasy" to get out.   We took off our skis and started the long boot back to the top.   Snow was a little thicker as we descended the silver peak basin and visibility had gotten worse.   As we returned to our cars, everyone was quite damp from the steady drizzle.  Much better than sitting on the couch!

The long boot from the valley bottom.

Carl and Jeff  kick steps back to the top

Eric from Marmot emerges from the grey

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