May 31, Climb Prospector Wall / Ride Rendezvous Loop - Mazama

It was dual sport day.  Cimbed a couple routes on Prospector Wall (Stairstepper 5.7 & Sidestepper 5.8) in the morning, then did a sweet new loop out of Mazama - Rendezvous Loop.

Don rappels off Stairstepper, 5.7


Don,  Sidestepper 5.8

Don got a new trail recommendation from the bike shop, Rendezvous loop.  We were all eager to ride something new.  Again, after the recent rain, the trails were in the best shape ever.  We rode by two sweet huts, Gardner and Rendezvous Hut on our route.  The last trail descent even had some bermed corners.  Once we reached the car, Kevin & Don continued down, to explore some trails that weren't on our map.  They rode downhill while Francine drove the car down.  The boys dropped down on narrow, tight benched trail, crossed a road ( I had no idea where they were), and just as the next trail dropped onto another road, Francine drove by.  She didn't see Kevin, who was squawking at her to stop.  But, she faintly heard a human voice and stopped.  Kevin was sure she was going to just drive on by.  That would be a chance in a million to see the car, after dropping some unknown trail for a mile or so.  Sweet day.  The legs were sure tired.  10.5 miles + 1.2 miles downhill bonus trail.



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