August 2, 2013 – Hood River Day 2 - Whoopdee Trail to Whoop it Up & Kevin Windsurfing

It was still windy, so Kevin wanted to get out and windsurf, so we made our way to The Event Site where Kevin rented a 115 Litre Board with 5.0m sail for a couple of hours.

Kevin checks to see that he still
remebers how to sail.

Fire danger meant that the Whoopdee Trail, and others on private land owned by SDS Lumber Company, were closing at the end of today, so we had to ride it.  Plus, earlier this spring, they just finished putting in a new trail to replace the old jeep road climb at the end of the ride (approx. 900 feet climb), that climbs back to Old Dalles Road, and we had to check that out.  From the car (elev. 1500’), we climbed Old Dalles Drive, which is now paved (sweet), for about 2 miles to the start of the Whoopdee Trail (elev. 2000’).  There is a new trailhead, at the exit end of the one-way loop trail, for those that wish to skip the “Puke Hill” portion of the ride.

After Post Canyon, the Whoopdee trail conditions were superb.  The trail was basically hard pan all the way.  Even in the clear cuts, the trail was sweet.  As this trail is on private property, and the landowner does not wish maps posted, it must see less use, as evidenced by the trail conditions.  Played a little tag, back and forth with a couple of guys from Bellevue and Los Angeles. 

After our big long descent, we hit our climb out (low point elev. 1140’) on Whoop It Up, the new trail.  Signage was nice here.  They did a nice job of re-routing and building a new trail to replace the jeep road climb.  The climbing was a grunt at the end of a ride, but the grade was perfect for the climb out.  You can tell that Whoop It Up was made by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.   I don’t remember this being a 14 mile ride, but all the countless, rideable, switchbacks mean you can stay on your bike, rest in between switchbacks, and ride in the shade.

We hit the Old Dalles Road again after about 12 miles.  Went right towards the car for about ¼ mile to the start of the “Puke Hill” trail section.  Went left and began climbing again.  Climbed a couple of hills to 2,160 feet.  Descended a screaming, fast, brushed in section of trail down to the car at elevation of 1,500 feet.  I am sure we burned up some brake pads here.  14.5 miles.

Francine rides up the ridge for the puke hill downhill.
Mt. hood in the distance

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