August 3, 2013, Hood River Day 3 – High Prairie

Francine climbing Cook's Meadow trail

Our legs are getting a little tired.  Even though our rides have been short, there seems to be a lot of climbing on the rides.   We decided to do a new ride for us, High Prairie.  We parked at the intersection of Forest Road 44 and FR120 at elev. 4550 feet. Went west on FR44, and painfully descended on pavement about 2.5 miles and approx. 500 feet to Surveryor’s Ridge Trail #688.  (In the future, we would recommend climbing Trail 474 to FR 1720.  Left here to FR44, to hopefully get a trail descent instead.) 

Rode Trail #688 for about ¼ mile and went left on Cooks Meadow Trail #639 at 2.7 miles.  The trail immediately crosses FR44, and starts out with a good grunt, making you think you will be hike-a-biking for miles.  Luckily, it has seen re-routes with rideable switchbacks and traverses across the hill, definitely made by mountain bikers.  Even though this was a grunt, the grade was really rideable for almost the entire trail.  This trail was in great condition for Hood River in August.  We climbed up to around 5,200 feet and descended a couple of hundred feet to gravel FR4410 at 6.7 miles.  Went left here and climbed 2 miles to 6,000 feet at High Prairie.  Went left on FR4420 and descended for 1.2 miles to the Eight Mile Creek Trail #450.  Here we went left on the trail #450 for our 4.5 mile descent to the car.  Bypassed the 15 mile creek trail on the right on our way down.  Trails were in great condition.  Fun ride.  15 miles.

Cruising downhill at the junction of 8 mile and 15 mile creek trails

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