August 6, Baker City Oregon, Elkhorn Crest Trail

Francine's ride description:
18 mile pedal mainly up
 mile18 - 20  - walk with bike
mile 20-20.79 sort of back on the bike
20.79 - 24.65 - downhill

24.65 - 31.65 painful elevation loss downhill on jeep road

Scenery gorgeous.  Felt like we went uphill all day with no or little descending as a reward for our effort.  South end of trail had a lot of loose rock on trail.   Probably would recommend going other direction, but harder to set up a shuttle that way.   Perhaps with dedicated driver and good 4wd vehicle to get up road at South end.

Francine at the 6:15am start to try and beat the heat

Don happy that it is cold out still

Don with smoke in the background


Kevin in our only patch of snow on the trail

One of the two downhill trail sections

Kevin & Don answering the phone call from God

You can see Don in the lower left.  Our trail is in the right, middle of the picture.

We think some heavy rain within the last two weeks
 washed away the trail and covered it with rocks

This must be between mile 20 to 20.79 where Francine
 was back on the bike more than she was walking

Don on the 3 mile downhill to Marble Pass

Francine at Marble Pass, the end of the Elkhorn Crest Trail 24.65 miles.
  We still get to lose a painful few thousand feet on a dirt road.

We saw I-phone photos some hikers took of the big goats
 on the hoods of the trucks, with the kids running around
 them on the ground

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