July 30, Day 3 - Final day in Squamish BC Wonderland Trail + Brackentrail add on

We had to get an early start today, as we have a 12 noon checkout.  Decided on the easier White Rabbit and Wonderland trails to end the trip, because we could ride from the unit.

So, we made our way to the pedestrian overpass over the Sea-to-Sky Highway 99.  Rode thru the Brackendale neighborhood to cross the railroad tracks.  Headed up the dump trails - Sweet Judy, Rusty Bucket Left to the Powerline trail, and up that to the Ray Peters trail along the road.  We wouldn't recommend the dump trails as a destination, but they served the purpose to get to the start of White Rabbit.  We debated trying Dump Express to the highway, which we would recommend.  For some reason it was noted as "not recommended" on the map.  The Dump Express trail kept us from riding north on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  Crossed the highway and found White Rabbit to the right of the bridge.  This was a nice, blue rated trail that Francine enjoyed.  This ended at Alice Lake Road, and we promptly found Wonderland trail accross the road.  Wonderland trail was a nice cruise downhill towards home.  Next, we doodled back thru the Brackendale neighborhood, looking for the little paths between streets, to the overpass.

Once back on the street to our unit, we opted to go left to the end of the street and climb up Brackentrail. Once up on the hill, we were in familiar territory.  We went right, descending on Jacks to Lumberjack's to Cherub to Slurm to Coho Park trail.  At the end of Coho Park trail, we hit the streets and booked back to the unit for a shower and checkout.

We don't know how far we went, but rode for a little over 3 hours.  We were definitely on the bike more than on previous days, as we rode Blue Square trails, except for the hike up Brackentrail, which is a Black rated trail.  Great trip and still left the Valleycliffe/Crumpit woods area to ride in the future.  No pictures for the day, as we were on a time limit.

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