July 29, Day 2 Squamish BC, Diamondhead

Day 2 in Squamish.  We parked at Quest University to ride in the Diamondhead area.  We climbed up to the first parking lot and hit the new to us - Legacy Climbing Trail.  2 hours later and 2000 cumulative feet higher, we hit the top.  Climbing was quite hot, as it was muggy and the wind had not picked up with our 9am start time.   We descended a few feet of the top of Half Nelson and went right on Recycle.  Last time we were here, the Half Nelson just wasn't our cup of tea.  So, we opted to take the right hand turn.  Recycle was narrow and old school, just what we were looking for.  Hit the road and made our way to Fred trail.

Kevin dropping into Fred trail
After Fred trail, went right on the road to find Lower Powersmart, another narrow, old school singletrack trail.  The we hit Plum Smugglers and finished up on Word of Mouth.  Both these last two trails were quite technical for Blue Square rated runs, with lots of ups and downs, rocks and roots.  Francine would have been happier with easier trails.  10.7 hard miles.  Total elevation/loss: 3,180ft.
switchback on Lower Powersmart
Steeper than it looks - still on Lower Powersmart

rock on Plum Smugglers

Lot's of split cedar bridges on Word of Mouth

a semi smooth spot on Word of Mouth

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