June 20, ZIP ZIP, Chelan, Wa.

It was the first day the whole family was in Chelan.   Unfortunately with a brisk breeze, it was a little too cool for lounging lakeside.  We decided to go check out Tunnel Zip Lines.  It was a little spendy at $75 bucks a pop for four zip lines, but we all had a good day.   The owner's were very entertaining and Len was able to buy the first bottle of their first white wine bottling.  They got the okay on their liquor license while we were zipping.   Scenery was terrific and the last zip line got you going pretty good!

Jack, Kelly, And Len


Jim comes in hot, backwards

Francine hanging out

The Gang,
Len, Hilarie, Hannah, Kelly, Jen, Kristin, Jack, Kevin, Jim, Francine

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