Feb 6, Day 26 - Alpy

Rain was the story of the day.  Rained all day long.  Word was they had about 5 inches of mank, yesterday, up top.  Anyone hoping for a little more snow at the top of Alpy, sorry.  Nash opened up today and skied very well.   By the end of the day the soft slide debri was pretty smoothed out.  Once again, have to say, I have never seen Alpental so low on snow.  Left side of lower I was quite rocked out.  If they run lessons this weekend, I would imagine the lower slopes to be virtually unskiable after Saturday.  Sessel was fine today, but the snowpack is just too thin.  Get Nash tomorrow, it's going , going , gone.  Rode the snowboard from 10-2:30.  Everyone out, maybe twenty people, enjoyed the good skiing, despite the rain.

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