February 12, Alpental Side Country - tour

Dan gets a hop in his turn,  Chip's Couloir - top of Sharon Bowl

Well, I missed the final day of lift served skiing at Alpental yesterday.   Well, maybe they will re-open?  Unfortunately, the snow is definitely gone.  I was amazed at the difference in snowpack, since I skied 5 days ago.  It seemed like almost another foot had melted away.   You can still link turns, top to bottom, but there is no way they could run the chairlifts.   I hooked up with Dan Larson and Francine for our tour today.  The snow was springlike and skied quite well.   We managed to ascend up through snake dance, just outside the rope boundary.   We climbed up into the zone adjacent to Nash, just further North, outside the ropelines.  We worked this area over back in December, and it was kind of depressing to see that it actually had less snow now.   Anyhow it was a beautiful day and the turns were good, as well as the company.

Francine digging her new skis

Francine and Kevin


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