Fri, March 20 - Bike Kelowna, BC, "Smith Creek" trails

Today, Friday, we check out of our unit at SilverStar Ski Resort.  Maddie made us pancakes. The Weber clan got the car packed and were out the door by an impressive 8:30am.  Jimmy was fully enclosed in suitcases and gear in the way back of the Landcruiser.  Gone are the days when all 3 kids fit in one row of seats.

Kevin and Francine were planning on mountain biking Ellison Provincial Park in Vernon.  We woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the mountain.    Remember, we brought our mountain bikes on this trip, due to the funky ski season.  We finally made it out of the house around 10am.  On the way down the hill, we stopped in the Sky Ride bike shop and Francine bought a couple pairs of shorts and Kevin bought a bike jersey.  We stopped at the next store, Attridge Sports, and Kevin got new Snowboard boots and bindings.  Turns out that the sales person helping us was the manager of the Silver Star Bike Park.  We may have to come back to ride the park in 2016, after they finish adding a 35Kilometer cross country trail called Beowolf(sp?)

When we left the store, it was raining again, so we canned plans to ride in Vernon and made our way south to Kelowna to ride the Smith Creek trail system.

Kevin jumping near the top at a major intersection.

Met Paul Hoyne, a brewery startup consultant at the trailhead, and he joined us for our ride.  We grunted up the "Gruel Climb" trail to what we thought was the top, around 7 miles.  Looped down to an intersection we had seen earlier.  Here, Kevin opted for the direct downhill trail "Feel the Love".  Paul and Francine chose to descend the same trail we climbed.  Sweet trail system and trails were in perfect shape do to the rain in the morning.  12.55 miles.

Paul Hoyne with Francine on his heels.  Kevin stopped to catch us where our meandering trial intersected his downhill trial.

On to Summerland (just north of Penticton BC) to get a room for the night.

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