Sat, March 21 - Bike Summerland, BC, trails off of "Trout Creek Trestle off the KVRailway

Nice narrow trail.

 Saturday - woke up to morning rain again.  Took a hot tub and decided to stay another night.  We opted for an unnamed ride in Summerland.  A random web post gave vague directions to a trail that headed right, after crossing the Trout Creek Trestle off the Kettle Valley Railway trail.  Turns out that a train runs tourists to this trestle bridge in the Summer.
Happiness on the sweet downhill narrow trail we were looking for.

Trails were definitely not marked, and route finding was challenging without a map.  Motorcycles ride here, and some of the trails were quite wide, due to the motos riding around the mud puddles.  Dirt was perfect for our riding.

At one point, the trail ended in an open meadow.  We wanted to head towards home, and not extend the ride too much, and ended up riding road for about a mile.  Climbed up to a bluff with no apparent way down.  Had to sort of backtrack to the last road/trail we were on by riding cross-country (no trail) downhill.  Hit the road/trial were were previously on, and luckily found the bike trail we wanted to somehow find.  Had a sweet downhill, climbed over the shoulder of another hill, and had another sweet downhill.

Day ended up great.  Dirt was perfect and tacky.  Wish there would have been more info on the internet for route finding.  Great place to explore, as there are numerous trails.  14.55 miles.

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