July 9, Raging River

Brand new lollipop loop set to open this fall above North Bend.   New trail starts at Exit 27 and heads up Rattlesnake Ridge parallel to the West end of the hiking trail, then it loops down to the Raging River and back.  20 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing.   Trail is not officially open, but seems to have the green light by the builders.   It's probably in the best shape it will ever be, so get it soon.   Bring your climbing legs!   Loop should be done clockwise.

Francine nears the top of the climb up from the Raging River

Hmm, sporty

This was actually very rideable, just intimidating.



tomd said...

Intimidating for old timers !

Kevin Curd said...

Lots of climbing, technical section could be skipped by doing an out and back.