July 30, Tiger Mountain

Greg had the day off, and hadn't been to Tiger yet.  We climbed Master Link to Quick Link to the top.  This is the first time Francine has made it to the very top, without walking and without a rest where East Summit trail crosses the road.  Greg put on a smaller front chain ring than he had in Hood River, and said that helped a lot on the steep climbs we have here in Washington.  He still doesn't have the easy gearing that we have.  Kevin has an easier gear that Francine.  What up?

Kevin, Francine and Greg at the top
Greg on Preston R R trail

After catching our breath at the top, we descended East Tiger Summit trail to cross the road.  At the next intersection with OTG (Off the Grid), we went left to descend on Preston Railroad Grade trail.  We hadn't been on that for a couple of years.  We took that to Bail Out-PBR to the road.  Climbed the road to the top of Fully Rigid.  Descended Fully Rigid to Joy Ride to Northwest Timber Trail.  Greg has only been mountain biking two years, and pretty much rode everything on Fully Rigid, except The Notch.  He says that lots of his road-biking friends were converting to mountain biking last year.  Since then a few of them have reconsidered, saying that mountain biking is too dangerous.  We are glad he is still finding it fun.

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