August 11, Tiger - New trail Inside Passage and Legend

Francine on Inside Passage, Tiger Mt. Washington
 More new trails.  What a great time to be a mountain biker in the Issaquah area.   The new Inside Passage trail opened last week at Tiger, so we went to check it out.  Awesome, it is a great new trail.  Nice flow that is not too tech or too bermy, just right.   Makes for some great loop options.   We started with an old loop, out the road, then back to lot on Iverson, then up Missing Link to its intersection with the new Inside Passage, to Joyride, Nothwest, Easy Tiger to Legend and back up Easy Tiger.  This was our first time on Legend and that was a lot of fun as well.   Hand built single diamond downhill with an easy climb back up to Northwest Timber.  

Francine and Scott take a break on new bridge
 for Inside Passage trail

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