August 4, New Bike Trail - Olallie

The bike club, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has been super busy the last few year building trails.  We rode Raging River, a new system last month.  Now they have opened the first 6 miles on the Olallie network out of Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend.  We are super excited to have these big options so close to home.  Even though it was Friday, which meant with dealing with eastbound I-90 traffic after our ride, we left the Pass for North Bend.

Kev at the first viewpoint
Francine with Mt Washington in background

Rest - road turned to trail.  They did a nice job
They did an amazing job on this trail.  Even the road-to-trail section rides real nice.  It won't be long before that turns  more trail like.  We rode past the Mount Washington trail intersection, out to the sign for the Change Creek/Mt Washington sign and the camp for the trail builders.  We turned around here, at about 9.6 miles from the car (including the 2 miles from car and John Wayne Trail).  The descent on the road-to-trail section is a little steep for sustainability, but was super fun.  Then we hit the 4 miles of machine-built trail, which was great.  It was actually fantastic.

We are so excited for the extension of this trail system, which is supposed to go as far as Hansen Ridge (near exit 47).  You do feel like you are out there riding in the woods, even if I-90 is just below you on the left, and you can hear it.  I'm just appreciative of the opportunity to have some longer ride options so close to home.

The 4 miles of new descent trail were super flowy and awesome to descend on.  After we hit the John Wayne trail, we rode about a mile towards the car, and turned off, to the right into the Boxley Creek trails, and took single track back towards the car.  Super fun day.  Trailforks says 4800 of elevation.  Kevin's phone died on the ride, and it showed 4200 feet of elevation, and we were still kept climbing after that.  20 mile day.

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