April 18, Chuck Wagon Trail, Dry Creek, Sedona

Is it possible to bonk on a 14 mile ride?  Unfortunately with all of the mountain biking in Sedona being on National Forest Land,  it becomes very hard to create new trails.  Due to the politics, trails fall into two categories, official and unofficial.  Unfortunately that makes navigation a little bit of a challenge, since the unofficial trails cannot be signed, and on many the start of trails is very hard to find.  The flip side is that the forest service seems to tolerate these trails, as long as they aren't too visible.

The plan today was to start on Lost Watch to Touron to Mescal "unofficial trails," and then finish a loop on the signed official trails.  Fortunately we missed a turn, and ended up on Chuck Wagon-Gunslinger.  The trails in the area wander through cactus and small bushes working their way through the numerous washes.  The trail was really skinny and out near the end, tough to even follow.  We eventually ended up finding the correct road crossing after about six miles of tight sinuous singletrack.  We gave up on trying to locate the hidden entrance to Mescal and hit the signed trails.  By about 8 miles my legs were starting to cramp and my brain was barely functioning, when it came time to decipher the map.  Fortunately, Francine seemed to be keeping a cooler head, in the eighty degree heat and she got us on the right trail pointed towards our car.   Not only do we need to start earlier, but I think I may have to take my hydration a little more seriously.  Checked out Fat Tire Bikes in Sedona  and chatted, for quite a while, with owner Dave.  His shop is definitely the place for trail info, or if you need a new Ibis bike.

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